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The Inner Workings of a Newsroom

Prior to considering journalism as my major focus of study, I had very little idea as to how a real news room was operated, or even what one looked like.  Due to this, I get the feeling that most of the general public has very little conception of this picture as well, except for perhaps what they have seen in movies and television shows.  Therefore, I think it would interesting to capture the raw, unscripted action within a newsroom.

Five shots I could get:

  • Informational shot of the entrance or lobby desk
  • Wide shot of the main newsroom
  • Extreme close up of someones hands typing
  • Medium shot of someone working with equipment (cameras, copiers, computers, etc)
  • High-angle shot of employees meeting

Five sounds I could capture:

  • Buzz of newsroom
  • Typing
  • Snapping of photos
  • Discussion of news topics in employees meeting
  • Reporters calling potential sources (introduction)

JOUR 307 HW #1

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  • Max Efrein
  • Journalism and History
  • Interested in writing exposes, informative news stories, dining reviews, and editorials. Also interested in broadcast journalism for reporting and anchoring.
  • Although I consider myself technologically challenged due to my sparse exposure to technology throughout my upbringing, I hope to become proficient in multi-media, for I understand the vital importance of having such skills. Despite this “challenge”, I have been chipping away at my intimidation of computers and their seemingly limitless capabilities.  I am moderately comfortable with editing programs such as final cut and adobe premiere.  I have put together short broadcast news packages, incorporating voice overs, B-roll, A-roll, and story transitions.  I hope to get more efficient at putting such stories together as well as learning how to upload audio and video onto websites.